Preparing your project for Voosey

*** This is a temporary guide for Voosey beta users and will be refined and highly simplified in future updates with the expansion of our software services.

Required Criteria:

  • Every homeplan listed on the Voosey marketplace must have at minimum: 
  • At least one image
  • A full print-ready PDF plan set
  • The total count of bedrooms, bathrooms, floor levels, garages, and square footage

In addition to those listed above, it’s highly recommended to include the following:
Voosey’s search and priority algorithm has a high degree of bias towards plans that meet the criteria below:

  • A full 3D model of the home in .obj format
  • A complete image gallery of renderings
  • A DWG set as an optional supplement to the PDF set

Preparing Your Drawings

  • From your CAD program, export your full set of drawings to a single PDF file.
    Multiple PDF files are currently not accepted and it is recommended to combine all necessary presentation materials and drawings into one file.
  • Optionally, export your DWG set under the same guidelines.

Preparing Your 3D Model

Note: Models with greater than 100,000 polygons may not work properly, or at all, on Voosey.  You may test your model before publishing to ensure it is stable.

  • From your CAD or 3D modeling program of choice, export your 3D model as an .obj (wavefront) file.
    -Ensure your coordinate system uses Y as the vertical axis (up)
    -Enable triangulation if available, depending on your software
    -Enable mesh simplification if available, depending on your software
    -Ensure materials are included with export
  • After export, there should be three files contained in your destination folder:
    -.obj for 3D geometry
    -.mtl for material placement
    -A collection of materials contained either within a new folder or in the current directory
  • Collect these files and compress them to a .ZIP file to be used for upload.
    -Instructions for zipping a file can be found here

Sample export dialog from Sketchup with the appropriate options for publishing on Voosey.

After export, you should have three files similar to these – a materials folder, a .obj, and a .mtl.

Uploading to Voosey

You should now have a full set of drawings, an image gallery, and a 3D model exported with the steps above.  You are now ready to publish!

  • If you’re using Voosey for MacOS, proceed through the interface upload dialog and use the files collected in the previous steps.

  • If you’re using Voosey for iOS or iPadOS, you may need to copy these files to your device’s Files app.  The following are great ways to do this efficiently:
    -AirDrop from Mac to iOS or iPadOS
    -iCloud Drive
    -If you’re on Windows but have an iPhone or iPad, use your preferred Cloud storage service, email, or some other method to transfer the files.